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Anybody thinking about my life should know that my thoughts are always for the service to the society. Social can be carried out only by being unbiased. Religion is hampered when selfishness overcomes the selfness service motives. This life is to be dedicated to the society by sacrificing ones name and frame and fearing nobody except god. Each and every person is important in the service of society and nation. Every person is part and parcel of society. One can be capable of servicing the society only by freeing oneself all the vices.

Guruji 108 Mangal Das Ji Maharaj

Three centuries after the advent of Mahamati Prannthji, Guruji Shri Mangaldasji, disciple of Acharya Shri 108 Pitambardasji, commenced preaching of Krishna Pranami Dharma at Kalimpong. Guruji Mangaldasji was born on Ashwin Shukla Dwadshi Bikram Samvat 1953 (18th October, 1896) in Melbote village of Illam district of Nepal. His father was Shri Kalyandas and mother’s name was Narbada Bai.

Guru Mangaldasji lost his father in early childhood when he was just 4 years old. Mother Narbada Bai took Mangaldasji and his younger brother Jagannathji from Assam Bihali to Panna Dham. At the tender age of twelve, Guruji Mangaldasji was initiated into renunciation. He studied religion and paid visits to holy places.

Afterwards he served at Nagour and Merta centers of Krishna Pranami temples. After he had completed his holy journey on foot of all the four Dhams of Dwarka, Badrinath, Jagannath, and Rameshwaram, he reached the divine inspiration here to go and preach the Dharma in Noth Eastern region.

At the age of forty, Guruji came to Kalimpong. After taking care for 3 years of Iche Pranami temple, he purchsed some land in Kalimpong bazar and in a few years he established a grand temple. Thereafter a High School, Ashram, etc. were built. Revered Guruji was a great preacher of Dharma. He preached to his followers of living a purely vegetarian and simple life. Due to his preachings, thousands of people in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Siliguri, Assam, Sikkim, and Bhutan became Guruji’s followers. Thus Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma spread far and wide. On 1 May 1985, Guruji attained the Lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

Shri Mohan Priyacharya ji

Shri Mohan Priyacharya ji was born in a Kaundiya brahmin family on 7th March, 1955. His father’s name was Shri Mankidas Sapkota and his mother’s name was Smt. Vishnumaya ji. They were both Pranami’s and were devotees of Guruji Mangaldas ji Maharaj. At the age of One, when children are learning to walk properly, ‘Mohan priya’ was bestowed the diksha mantra by Guruji Mangaldas. As he grew up into a boy, his interest in spirituality grew. The result was, at the age of 16, after passing his madhyamik board exams, he left his home forever to come to his Guruji, Shri Mangaldas ji, in Kalimpong. Guruji Mangaldas ji encouraged ‘Mohan’ to finish his graduation, which he did with flying colours. Staying with Guruji, he had an opportunity to know more about religion and he became conversant with Vani, Bitak, Gita and Shri Mad Bhagwad. In the year 1975, at the age of 20, he gave his first month long discourse on Bitak sahib in Kalimpong. Staying in Delhi, he had an opportunity to study Hindi. Smt. Vimla Mehta, who is the founder of Shri Prannath Mission, encouraged him to take up research on Vani and help in Pranami publications.

Staying with his Guruji, he had opportunities to travel across the length and breadth of India, Bhutan as well as Nepal on Spiritual journeys. This also enabled him to record the teachings and messages given by Guruji, which are now compiled in form of a book. ‘Mangal Sukti’, as the book is called, is a must read for the people who are looking to tread the path of spirituality, irrespective of the religion one follows.

In the year 1982, he became the secretary of Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma Sabha, Kalimpong and in 1984, he became the secretary of Guruji Pranami Mission Trust.

On 1st of May, 1985, when Guruji Mangaldasji, retreated back to his roots in Paramdham, Mohan Priyacharyaji took over the charge of the temple and the school established by Guruji. The unfinished task left by Guruji fell on his strong shoulders, which he carried on with jest and vigor and he saw through the completion of each of them. He devoted himself to the task of completing “Mangaldham” in the memory of Guruji Mangal Das ji.

The year of 1989 saw him touring the world. Lighting the torch of Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma across the globe and instilling the character of Hinduism in people far and wide across the globe, he traveled to countries like UK, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Singapore, UAE and many more. As a result of his efforts, Shri Prannath Jayanti was celebrated in USA for the first time in a big way and has become a yearly event in other parts of the world too.

He is soft spoken, cheerful, simple minded and a good orator. His discourses on Mahamati Prannath Vani and Bhagwad Gita are full of pith and have attracted many followers where ever he’s visited. In Kalimpong, where, every year, in the months of July/august, he gives discourses on Bitak Sahib and Shri Tartam Vani, hundreds of people come to listen to the spiritual message imparted by him. His discourses depict the depth of his knowledge and experience that he has accumulated over the years as a saint.

He is a saint, who has lived up to the ideals imparted to him by his Guruji, and is an example to his followers. He is ever ready to show the way to anyone who lacks direction and instills in everyone, a sense of motivation, so that they can follow the path which builds character and enlightens the society as a whole. In short, he is also helping in building a better society which will show the path to the future generations.

Apart from Kalimpong, he is also attached to various other Pranami organizations across the world and is constantly serving the society through them in various forms. His aim is to spread the message of “Mahamati Prannath ji” across the globe and keep alive ideals imparted and the services rendered by his Guruji “Shri 108 Mangaldas ji Maharaj”. In 1996, he traveled across the world once again to commemorate the birthday of his Guruji. In 1997, in collaboration with Maharaj Shri Sadanandji, a scholarship, under the name of ´Mangal Puruskar´ was set up. This scholarship is awarded to the people excelling in the field of education, social service and research. Motivated by his spiritual discourses, many young men and women have become spiritual aspirants and have dedicated their lives solely towards this cause. Currently, there are more than 50 preachers working under him spreading the message of Mahamati Prannath ji. Apart from being a good orator, he´s also an excellent author. His works have been printed as a part of many books. His articles find their way in publications like ´Jagani´ and ´Raj Vidya´. He is also the director of “Shri Prannath Mission, Delhi” which looks after the Pranami publications. He is also the vice-president of “Shri Krishna Pranam Vishwa Parishad” and the publisher of monthly publications, “Pranami Vishwa and Raj Vidya”.

He’s also imparted discourses on Mahamati Prannath in the presence of ex-president of India, Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma, ex-prime minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee as well as the king of Nepal, King Gyanendra.

In short, he has led a life which his Guruji would have been proud of and has always led by example. His efforts have made the society a better place to live in. His spirituality and social service is an inspirer to many young minds and many aspirants have been motivated to follow a path, which leads to liberation.

India is a land of great saints, sages and seers. From time to time great personalities who are incarnation of God have taken birth in India. Such great Souls lead the people engrossed in the web of materialism towards the path of spritualism. They lead mankind from darkness of ignorance to light, from vices to virtues, from falsehood to truth. It is very diffcult to put into words the virtues and kind deeds performed by such great souls. Their divinity is itself their introduction.

The holy Ganges can wash away all our sins. The moon can soothen the disturb mind and the kalptaru can remove all the devilish tendencies in man. It is impossible to find all these three qualities in a single individual except saints who have power to provide everlasting peace and happiness. Such great persons deliver people from the cycle of birth and death.

Shri 108 Shri Sadanandji Maharaj

Shri 108 Shri Sadanandji Maharaj was born in a Khandelwal Brahmin family of Jui village of BhiwaniDistrict in Harayana.He has rendered Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah for almost Five Hundred Fifty times in various villages and cities. He has provided peace an solace to the countless distressed human beings with his sweet calm and composed voice. His place of orations turns into an oceans of humanity. The melodius tune recited in between the oration (katha) not only arouses a sacred feeling amoungst the devotees but also sends them into raptures. It also helps in creating a feeling of faith, love, and devotions in the heart of listners and makes their lives tension free. Not only India but the whole world feels proud of a Saint of your stature.

The revered Maharajji is busy day in and day out in inculating to a sense of spiritualism in people. He keeps touring every nook and corner of the Country to achive this end.